Customer Link to Service

Live Link to Your Car


Our service includes not only the repair, but also:

  • Battery Check
  • Headlights, warning and indicator test
  • Brake system, brake lining and brake fluid check
  • Condition of tires, including the spare
  • Tire pressure
  • Oil level
  • Windshield washer fluid check
  • Door locks and lock cylinder test
  • Full interior and exterior detail with every repair


Click on the "Show me my Repair" link and enter your primary phone number to view the current progress of your vehicle. This link will allow you to view the current phase your vehicle is in, see any photos that relate to the repair, and correspond with us directly in your record of file at the collision center. This link is directly linked to our management software we use to track repairs on and communicate with the insurance company through. Please enjoy our transparency.  

      Show me my Repair.